About The EEEK Series

eeek-in-cartThrough the rhyming verses readers are taken on a journey to learn a valuable life lesson, one that we all need to hear to maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise. The book offers a parents’ section that serves as a motivational tool to remind parents about the importance of their healthy lifestyle and their responsibility to discuss healthy living with their children so that healthy, active lifestyles become a daily family event.  Each book in the series provides supportive advice for parents to be offered in pediatric offices and community settings through seminars by Mary Anne Cappellino.

EEEK the Frog

standing-eeek-webEEEK, the little green life coach, is a delightful frog with a desire to motivate kids to be their best. EEEK shares important lessons in each of the eight books in the series to help children  understand all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. With a sense of humor and the ability to teach, EEEK can help kids seek more energy, confidence and motivation to live their best lives.  EEEK is a sort of lifestyle coach, an excellent jumper and a very good friend.

EEEK the Frog series of childrens’ motivational books was designed to enlighten kids with understanding and awareness, empower kids to make responsible positive choices and to energize kids to take action.

Mary Anne Cappellino , Author

Mary Anne Cappellino, a nationally recognized fitness expert, who in addition to her lectures and seminars, has written a series of children’s motivational picture books that are a delightful tool to help the entire family focus on happy, healthy lifestyles. Mary Anne decided to write the book series after reflecting on the state of our children’s physical and mental health. Peer pressure, obesity and overall lifestyle challenges have created difficult obstacles for developing healthy lifestyles. Mary Anne’s goal is to educate, empower and energize our nation’s youth and work with parents, teachers and pediatricians to help promote healthy living through a series of children’s books.

With more than 20 years experience designing fitness programs, Mary Anne motivates her listeners to positive lifestyle change as a national speaker, wellness consultant, author and exercise trainer. Mary Anne has helped thousands of people change their bodies and direct their minds in new and positive ways. Mary Anne is president of Creatively Fit LLC.  Her passion for exercise and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle is contagious and her dynamic speaking style engages audiences everywhere in the fun of fitness and the importance of investing in a healthy future!

Affiliations and certifications:

  • Premiere Speakers Bureau
  • Carebridge EAP
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • American Heart Association
  • Child and Family Services
  • Licensed Zumba, ZumbaToning, Zumba Kids Instructor
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and Personal Trainer Certification
  • Founder of the Kids Run, established in 1988


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Mary Sorrels, J.D., Ed.M, Editor

Mary Sorrels, J.D., Ed.M, is a book editor, career educator, college coach, and mother. Mary’s passions for child advocacy and the power of literacy inform her work as a curriculum developer and presenter of educational programs at the state and national levels.

Illustrated by Michael Gelen