Book 1: The Most Clever Frog


EEEK!TM learns- YOU just can’t SIT, if YOU want to be FIT!

The main character, a frog named EEEK!, finds himself in a situation with a choice to be physically active or inactive.  Readers can easily identify with the lead character which makes him an outstanding teacher. The story reveals the benefits of balancing calories in with calories spent during exercise. EEEK!  solves his problem as he begins to recognize the consequences of physical inactivity.  Through the rhyming verses, the character comes alive and teaches a lesson we all need to hear.

The book also offers a parents’ section that serves as a tool to help reinforce the lesson in the book to their children and also to provide motivation for parents to improve their lifestyles.   Lifestyle is the culprit in poor health: labor saving devices, more seated time, more screen time. Physical inactivity is a risk factor leading to obesity, heart disease and other health concerns.   According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity levels, among our youth have tripled over the past thirty years. Children are impressionable and what they learn before the age of six is the foundation for the remainder of their lives. 

The Most Clever Frog is the first in a series of books designed to encourage healthy active families.


Book 2: Lickity Split


EEEK!TM sets a goal and makes it roll!

EEEK and his friends learn to set a goal, prepare, work hard and make it happen. It is never too soon to teach this important life skill. Goals are starting blocks for motivation, they give us purpose, they help us use our time effectively and most importantly they teach us that small steps with consistency give us BIG results.

EEEK huffed and he puffed and his cheeks flushed quite red
His frog feet in motion flipped high over his head
With arms pumping high and a smile on his face
EEEK and his friends began with a very fast pace.


Book 3: A Pirate’s Adventure to Eat Just Right


EEEK!TM learns to eat yummy treats but not too sweet

A Pirate’s Adventure to Eat Just Right helps us to understand the importance of choosing fruits, vegetables and lean meats and to limit high fats foods and adjust portion sizes. The story defines “Sometimes” foods as once-in-a-while treats and “Everyday” foods as necessary choices to keep us healthy.

A pirate’s breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Breakfast offers energy for EEEK to learn and to play.
Eat some cereal, fruit and yogurt to start.
Breakfast fuels a body to get going– to be alert and smart.