Who’s reading EEEK! And what are they saying……

“What children learn before the age of six is the foundation on which the rest of their lives are built upon. Learning the importance of healthy living and exercise early on makes such a difference in the way children live, eat, move and grow.”
-Amy Wolfson M.S.; an Elementary Teacher

“One of the best gifts we can give our children is a healthy lifestyle. It is important to lead by example, making healthy living a family affair. For this, your child will be forever grateful. A healthy start is the platform for a healthy life. It begins in pregnancy and continues throughout life. Habits of healthy eating and physical activity learned in childhood carry through to a healthy, active adulthood.”
-Kelly Naab, RN PNP IBCLC

“The Most Clever Frog is a delightful story that teaches young children the importance of daily exercise in a fun and engaging way. My students loved listening to the story and easily understood the concept of keeping fit. I would recommend using this story in any classroom.” 
 -Lori Aloisio, First Grade Teacher

 This book is an outstanding tool for parents! Impressive book with a very important message, and great graphics. Love it!

-Marcia Nachreiner




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